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Your Mobile Office!

Today the term “road warrior” has a different meaning then it did when Autoexec first began in 1993. With the improvement in technology over the past few years, like the tablet and smartphone, a road warrior’s office has become more difficult to define. Whether working on the road, in the air, or at home, the mobile worker’s need to be productive has not changed. The improvements in technology, however, have burdened these workers with information overload. Now more than ever, the need for effective office space and tools is a necessity. Having an office on the road is essential.

If you’re a road warrior working in a car or truck you’ll need an auto desk; If you’re in the air or at home you’ll need portable storage for all of your electronics and office products like a case or filing system. AutoExec is committed to creating these solutions for the road warriors of today and into the future. The pages that follow will guide you through the various products CarDesk.Com offers on behalf of Autoexec that provides every road warrior what he or she needs to be more productive and successful.